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BLK LBL Fitness Club – CrossFit®

Partner Metcon

Metcon (Distance)

Teams of 2: (Only 1 person works at a time)

35min. Running Clock…

100 Cal Assault Bike

100 Alt. DB Snatches (70/50lb.)

100 Cal Row

100 DB Deadlifts (70/50s)

100 Double Unders (Each)

100 Toes-To-Bar

In remaining time, complete as many 100m sprints as possible. You go, I go style. If for any reason (I don’t think you will) you get to 1600m you can stop. Because you are one BADA$$ team….

Ladies: 70 Cal Assault Bike, but the row cals stay the same.

Score is the amount of 100m runs you get at the end.. If you can get there 🙂