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Our 60 minute CrossFit class is high intensity training at it’s finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, so get ready to get after it!

  • Athlete Goal:

    “I want to be ready for anything & well-rounded. I want to be strong, fast & conditioned.”


Our 30 minute class is fast paced and fun. Workouts combine simple bodyweight, gymnastics, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet, and super sweaty!

  • Athlete Goal:

    “I am conditioning focused. I want daily cardio, aerobic capacity, and fast paced training.”


Methods of Versatile Exercise is an all encompassing program that acts either as a standalone functional movement solution or as an accessory component to any high intensity training regimen.


This is a competitive programming regiment designed by BLFC CrossFit’s former and current competitors. Our goal is simple: provide our athletes the foundation and specific tools they need to succeed in competition, while simultaneously growing a strong community of like-minded athletes eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. COMP targets athletes interested in competing in local competitions, The Open, Sanctionals and beyond. We develop well-rounded, competition ready athletes through carefully planned programming, aerobic fine tuning, strength & skill development, and bias work meant to specifically target weaknesses.

  • Athlete Goal:

    “I am competition focused. I want to train to compete & win in functional fitness competitions.”


Want to improve your health, wellness and fitness? Want to look, feel and perform your best? Want to live longer and improve your quality of life? Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do at BLK LBL Fitness.


Take your health and fitness to the next level with body composition analysis.

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