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Methods of Versatile Exercise is an all encompassing program that acts either as a standalone functional movement solution or as an accessory component to any high intensity training regimen. The structured program focuses on the elements of exercise practicing mobility, performance, and restoration.

BLK LBL Fitness Clubs Methods of Versatile Exercise is geared toward introducing strategic movement based on the functional fitness movements used in our CrossFit® classes. This all encompassing program acts as either a standalone functional movement solution or as an accessory component to any high intensity training regimen. The goal is to present functional, restoration-focused movement to assist in recovery, actively preparing for fitness and keeping the body moving well throughout a healthy lifestyle journey. A healthy body is a body that moves, and a body that moves safely, will move for a longer period of time. Integrate the MOVE program as part of your weekly routine and see how much better you feel and perform.


The Intention-based 30-40 minute sessions are focused on preparing the body for what the weekday class offerings target (larger muscle groups for strength) while promoting recovery from the intense metcons that tax the body and mind. MOVE Mobility focuses on Muscle and joint-opening to help the body move well during the intense offerings of BLFC programming.


Push your body to strengthen your mind. MOVE Performance offers a faster-paced flow to increase heart-rate, challenge the body and open the mind. All flows can be modified, but MOVE Performance flow can offer more challenging postures and movements for those who are ready for more. Offerings may include inversions and arm balances for those interested.


Recovery is just as important as the workouts. While your body is designed to move and sweat, MOVE Restoration flow shows the body how important recovery is to your fitness. Deeper poses and movements held for longer periods of time to target the deep connective tissue between muscles and fascia. It can increase circulation and blood flow and help release lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

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