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BLK LBL Fitness Club – CrossFit®


Metcon (No Measure)

20min. Flex Friday Window…

3-4 Sets of:

8-10 Flat DB Bench or Floor Press

8-10 Single Arm DB Row (ea. arm)

10-12 Banded Tricep Push Downs

10-12 Barbell Bicep Curls

You can either do 1 big superset of all 4 movements and then rest 90sec.


Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)


8 Rounds:

20sec. of Assault Bike

10sec. Rest

8 Rounds:

20sec. of Toes-To-Bar

10sec. Rest

8 Rounds:

20sec. of DB Snatches 70/50lb.

10sec. Rest

*Do not alternate today. Do the entire 20sec. on just one side. And switch arms every other round.

8 Rounds:

20sec. of Sit-Ups (Feet Anchored)

10sec. Rest
No rest between sections. Each section takes exactly 4min, so you’ll be done in 16min. total.

**Score for each round is your LOWEST round! Try to stay consistent