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BLK LBL Fitness Club – CrossFit®


Bench Press (Double Progression Week 1)

6-8 Flat Barbell Bench Press

Superset with;

6-8 Regular Grip Barbell Rows

Rest 2-3min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.
*Follow the DOUBLE PROGRESSION model for BOTH movements. See details below.

The goal is to get ALL 3 sets (with the heaviest weight possible) for 8 reps. Once you can do that, you add 5% to the bar NEXT WEEK. That new load should knock you down to 3 sets at 6-7 reps, but eventually, you will be strong enough to do it for 3 sets of 8 again (might take a week or 2). Then we add another 5% and repeat the process.


NOTE: 3 x 6 x 95 means 3 sets for 6 reps and 95 is the weight used for each set. (for sake of the example)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Every 90sec. x 10 Rounds:

200m Run

Max Rounds of:

3 Push Press (115/75lb.)

3 Burpees
You gotta really move today to get a good score! There is no rest at all unless you stop a little early. And even still it’s going to be short lived…

To be clear…

You have 90sec. to get the run done and then get as many rounds and reps as possible of 3 Push Press and 3 Burpees. At the 90sec. mark, it starts all over again. Then at the 3min. mark, it starts again… And so on… Until the 15min. mark….