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BLK LBL Fitness Club – CrossFit®


**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**

3:00 Machine (easy pace)


Burgener Warm-Up (Clean) + Skill Transfer (if time allows)

* 10 minutes with a PVC or Empty Barbell

* Perform 3-5 reps at each movement


3x High Hang Clean + 3x Hang Clean + 3x Clean (PVC or Empty Barbell)

* 5 minutes (This is strength prep)

* 2-3 Times through

* Athletes should focus on footwork and finishing their pull

**2. Strength Prep**

Athletes will spend 8-10 minutes completing 3 sets of 2 Clean with a barbell. The reps are performed in singles as a squat or power snatch (if needed to scale). Athletes are going off of their Heavy Single from Week 1. Stay within the percentage range and show athletes how to reset correctly before going into the following rep. After the Clean is complete, give athletes 5-7 minutes to transition and complete 3×3 Clean Grip Deadlifts. This is a great time to have athletes partner up and, as a coach, go around and spend a little time with each group queuing and correcting.

**3. Workout Prep**

2 sets

10 Double Unders

2 Handstand Push Ups

* Practice transitions and laying down the jumping rope (nicely) *


Clean (3X2)

2 Cleans x 3 sets @80% of 1RM Clean

* Rest 60-90 seconds between sets *

Clean Deadlift (3X3)

3 Clean Grip Deadlifts x 3 sets @90% of 1RM Clean

* Rest 60-90 seconds between sets *


Metcon (7 Rounds for time)

7 Sets (Rest 1:1)

60 Double Unders

12 Handstand Push-Ups

Target time each set: 60-75 seconds

Time cap each set: 90 seconds


Stimulus is moderate-high pacing with the goal to stay consistent and or get slightly faster as the sets go on.