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We have a 4 part section here with 4 separate scores! Go hard on each one and let’s see where everyone stacks up today!

Here’s the flow:


1 Mile Run


Find your 3 Rep Max Deadlift


Bike 80/55 Calories


Find your 3 Rep Max Bench Press

Put all of your scores below!

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run

Deadlift (1X3)

80/55 Cal Echo Bike (Time)

80 Cal for Men

55 Cal for Women

Bench Press (1X3)

Accessory Work

Just some optional work today if you want and you’re feeling up to it after all that!

3 Sets:

15 Set Landmine Sit-Ups

*5 Reps on the right arm

*5 Reps on the left arm

*5 Reps on both arms