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BLK LBL Fitness Club – CrossFit®


Day 4 – Week 6 (Last Week of Cycle)

– Superset the 2 movements below.

– Rest 2-3min. between sets

Back Squat (5X5)

Your goal is to try and lift 2.5-5% more weight than last week.

Hang Power Clean (5X1)

Just hitting some heavy singles between sets today on our last week of the 5×5. I would ideally like these to be as heavy as possible without failing any reps. However, if that squat really takes it out of you, then keep it on the lighter side and hit sets of 2.


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds For Time:

30 Wall ball (20/14lb.)

30 Barbell Overhead Squat (45/35lb.)

30 Cal Row
RX+ Men: 95lb. Overhead Squat

RX+ Women: 65lb. Overhead Squat