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My favorite Saturday format! These “you go, I go” styles really push everyone to go way harder than normal! On this particular workout, you are doing 20 rounds each on the first section, then 10 rounds each on the second section. For the weights, I tried to make it an easy add on after the thrusters. So… If you RX the workout, you will add (2) 45s on each side for the men and (2) 35s on each side for the women. That should be a solid weight for most of you to do for sets of 2 and it should also help changes weights be as quick as possible!

Metcon (Time)

“I Go, You Go Style”

40 Rounds:

3 Thrusters (95/65lbs.)

5 Pull-Ups

Immediately into;

20 Rounds:

2 Deadlifts (320/205)

4 Lateral Burpees

Time CAP: 40min.