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BLK LBL Fitness Club – CrossFit®

Today’s Programming

Something we have never done before today… Every movement starts with a burpee. However, your hands never leave the bar… While keeping your hands on the bar, drop down and touch your chest to the bar and then perform the movement. 3-2-1 reps will go by fast, but for 50 rounds… It’s going to get tough about halfway through… Let’s see if you can finish in the 40min. time cap 🙂

Metcon (Time)

50 Rounds For Time: (25 each)

“I Go, You Go Style”

-3 Burpee Deadlift

-2 Burpee Power Clean

-1 Burpee Squat Clean

Time CAP: 40min.
Men’s RX: 135lbs.

Men’s RX+: 155lbs.

Women’s RX: 95lbs.

Women’s RX+: 105lbs.

*Partner number 1 must complete the entire round before partner 2 can hop in.