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Phoenix’s Best Gym


We provide men and women of all skill levels coach-led group workouts that are programmed effectively to Increase energy, work capacity and confidence.

Zero Machine is located in the Ahwatukee Foothills at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. We are founded on principles of fitness, community and integrity. Our mission is to deliver unsurpassed strength and conditioning programs that elevate the quality of life.

Our fitness is the driving force behind the quality of our lives. We ALL have the ability to change, push or compete at whatever level best suit our goals. There are no fads for lifelong results, no one apparatus to increases performance. The intensity at which we choose to execute an active lifestyle ultimately defines our personal fitness journey.

Utilizing the sanctioned principles of CrossFit®, as a foundation, Zero Machine is committed to delivering results driven, sustainable fitness for every member. Our mission is to develop and implement safe and effective training programs that benefit our entire community, at every fitness level, in a professionally equipped and organized environment. An environment designed to cultivate a coalition of like-minded individuals to perform side-by-side in unison…sharing, growing and achieving as one.